When Building New Credit Timing Plays a Critical Role

Prematurely building new credit or attempting to obtain multiple positive accounts at once can be detrimental. It can potentially increase previously agreed upon collections and/or result in legal activity against your client. It is important to personally communicate this to every client.

Once these steps are completed successfully, your client’s credit should be in much better shape than it was previously. We continue to guide your clients with successful credit strategies and encourage them to maintain their positive reporting efforts. If the client is able to keep payments current and utilization rates low, they will be on their way to credit success.

The best part is of all of this time-proven strategy in building new credit is that through all of these steps, we do the heavy lifting for you. By outsourcing the bulk of these time- and cost-heavy aspects of your business, you get extra time to focus on community outreach and customer acquisition. We’ll handle the rest. We pride ourselves in transparency, so every step we take is available for your review in our excellent back office portal.

We always help you help them in building new credit. Contact us now to experience The Dispute Center difference that will allow you to stand leagues above your competition. Give us a call at (616) 541-2322.