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Please review below a sampling of comments from just a few of many satisfied credit repair business owners.

Credit Repair Outsourcing Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction and credit goal achievement is our mission at TDC. Our affiliates have gladly offered to provide testimonails due to the amount of success they have received from our credit services. Please review and contact us for more information about how we can do the same for you and your credit repair business. Call 616-541-2322.

“I am very pleased and blessed to work with Kevan & his team. As a newcomer to the credit repair industry, it was critical for our company to perform at a level that portrayed both professionalism and experience to compete against and, more importantly, stands out amongst competitors. We have accomplished that and more in a short period of time, and I can confidently say that we are now considered the top credit repair agency in our region. The Dispute Center is owed our thanks for our rapid success. We HIGHLY encourage anyone in the credit repair industry to use The Dispute Center for their credit repair outsourcing needs.”


L.W., Texas

“Over the past many years, The Dispute Center has been responsible for numerous loans getting funded that we otherwise would not have written. We offer all of our declined clients the opportunity to improve their overall creditworthiness to finance the equipment needed for their businesses. Customers that had previously been declined are now being offered some of our most competitive rates after credit score increases topping 100 points. Not only are our customers able to grow their businesses but so are we.”


J. Y., Commercial Loan Portfolio Manager

“I’ve been using The Dispute Center directly for about two years. I previously worked for another credit repair company that used The Dispute Center, so when I decided to start my own credit repair business I felt comfortable with TDC. Clients from the other company were always happy, and the results were excellent. I chose them because of that past good experience with them and because they offered the most competitive pricing available for the type of service necessary for my clients. Results in the past two years have been very good. I haven’t had a single client complaint, and all of my clients have seen a significant improvement in their credit rating. Using TDC frees me up to spend my time marketing and selling my services and prevents the need to bring on salaried help to accommodate client fulfillment. I strongly recommend TDC for any credit repair organization that wants to grow their business and increase their profits.


J. C., Outsourcing Affiliate

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Dispute Center for making my company a success. I have been in the credit repair industry for many years, and it’s a tough business to be in. The laws are stringent, the clients are difficult to please, and getting paid is like pulling teeth simply because the people you are working with are procrastinators by nature. I did all of the back-end work from my office for years, but as I grew, the job got harder and harder. I was contacted by many credit repair outsourcing companies but was never comfortable with the thought of outsourcing my client services. I felt as if I had no choice but to open an office but I simply couldn’t afford the massive expenses involved – so I just kept plugging away, stretching myself thin to make it work. That’s when I found The Dispute Center. Here we are almost 3 years later and I could have never imagined things going so perfectly. Everything I was told has come to fruition and I could not be happier with your services. My clients are very happy with the results and exceptional client service, which makes collecting payments easier. I have more time to focus on what I like to do: increasing sales and growing my company. I have already referred several of my contacts to you and so far, they have all been as impressed as I have been. Again, thank you for your excellent service and making my life so much easier.”


C.T., Florida

Morning Kevan.

The following clients can be canceled! Thanks to you and your team, they are all now pre-approved and ready to move forward with their mortgage!

Michael Oxxxxx
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Trakisha Sxxxxxxxxx
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Adrian C. – Texas Mortgage Broker

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