Our credit repair outsourcing frees you from the 
burden of the back-office operation

Using The Dispute Center credit repair outsourcing service allows you to focus on sales and grow your credit repair business.

Credit Repair Outsourcing Programs from The Dispute CenterWe use advanced credit repair strategies and provide multiple programs to fit your credit repair business needs. No other credit repair outsourcing company offers that flexibility.

Outsourcing Program Options – prices starting at $25 per month.

Full-Service Outsourcing
Complete back-office service, including phone and email support branded to your company name.

Limited-Service Outsourcing
Limited to letter production and mailing, document processing, and account updates. Does not include any client service work.

Per-Round Outsourcing
Limited to processing documents, update accounts, and produce and mail letters as you assign the task.  Let’s you have control.

Each Program Option has multiple service levels that you can mix or match as needed.

Silver Service Level
Credit bureau investigations including trade lines, public records, personal information, and hard inquiry investigations.

Gold Service Level
Silver Program plus:

Our best value program, includes all trade lines, credit bureau, direct creditor and collector investigations and disputes, public records, personal information, and hard inquiry investigations.

Platinum Service Level
Silver and Gold Programs plus:

This program is an “accelerated service” to our Gold program. Creditor and collector direct disputes are mailed the first month. This typically shortens the client’s program by approximately two months, allowing you to turn your client’s credit around and reach their credit goals more quickly. This program warrants a higher fee.

Our Full-Service credit repair outsourcing program removes the burden of day-to-day tasks allowing you to increase sales and profits.

We are not aware of any competitors that offer a premium, full-service client support program like The Dispute Center. Most competitors are letter production services that produce 3 credit bureau letters every 35 to 40 days for a monthly fee and do not provide any client service or support. The lack of client service support drastically consumes your time and resources and will hinder your growth. Some competitors offer direct disputes to the reporting companies for an additional fee, however, you have to manage the accounts each month, and others do not offer any direct disputes.

Producing dispute letters is the lowest cost of servicing a file; the majority of the cost to service a client is the labor to provide premium service by taking client phone calls, follow up for, receive and process documents, producing custom letters, and keeping clients happy! Additionally, many credit repair outsourcing companies disregard the importance of client responses, which is truly vital to achieving success in the credit dispute process. Our competitors send non-customized template letters, hoping for success; that is not professional or in your client’s best interest.

The Dispute Center actively seeks out client responses, saving you time and labor. Responses are important for client retention and show success, program completion, and provide vital information to customize the strategy and outbound letters. We strive to expedite the process and our staff will manage the entire credit repair dispute program for you and your clients. We manage the accounts, create custom dispute letters, and print and mail them on your client’s behalf. First class postage is always included.
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