The Dispute Center is the recognized leader in credit repair outsourcing.

Affordable outsourcing services for personal credit repair, business credit building, and business lending.


How much time do you spend dealing with the day-to-day credit repair activities for your clients? Do your clients have the ability to check their credit repair progress 24/7? Do you get time-consuming phone calls from clients checking the status of their accounts? Does processing documents and writing custom dispute letters take you away from growing your business?

Depending on your service choice, The Dispute Center can take the day-to-day burdens of operating your credit repair business off your shoulders, so you can focus on growing your credit business.

The Dispute Center offers several service programs and has the ability to customize our service to a reasonable degree.  No other credit repair outsourcing service can provide that flexibility, they are all a one-size-fits-all program.

Our advanced services and systems are proven to accelerate success with a real opportunity to make a substantial income – it only requires effort, dedication, and determination to grow your own successful business. Whether you want to start your company in personal credit repair, business credit building, business funding, or all three, The Dispute Center is the outsourcing company that can help you succeed.

Unparalleled Full-Service Client Support Outsourcing

  • Your company-branded portal and premium client service credit repair support for professional credit repair businesses.
  • Advanced credit repair dispute strategies.
  • Chasing and processing client documents and responses
  • Business credit building and funding service.
  • Company branded client phone support based in the USA. The only credit dispute outsourcing company that provides full service.
  • Dispute outsourcing for any size operation.

Plus, we do NOT compete against you by selling credit repair services to the public as our competitors do.

Allowing You to Become the Expert in Credit Repair Services

Our credit repair business training and transparent outsourcing support allows you to become a credit repair authority. Every aspect of your clients’ programs is accessible to you to increase your knowledge of the process. Without having to perform the heavy legwork of dispute processing, you are able to hone your expertise into increasing your client base, sales, and profits.

Scalable Outsourcing Programs for Your Business’s Needs

When you are ready to grow your personal credit repair or business credit and funding business, The Dispute Center has the resources and programs you need to reach the success you desire, no matter the size of your operation. We offer multiple programs with varied service options and levels allowing you to meet your prospects’ needs and convert them to clients. 

Our Credit Repair Outsourcing Program Levels:

We offer a variety of service levels and options, below find our mailing options.  With all programs, TDC will produce and mail credit bureau and direct reporting company investigation letters for enrolled trade lines, public records, personal information, and non-account related hard inquiries.

Letters are mailed every 45-days.  We suggest you match the program level to the number of accounts the client wants investigated or the budget they have available.

  • Letter Only Processing/Mail Options: We also offer letter only processing and mailing service for each option below, starting at $15.00 per month.
  • Silver Program: (3-letters per mailing) Direct creditor investigations start the second mailing cycle.
  • Ruby Program: (6-letters per mailing) Direct creditor investigations start month one, three credit bureau letters and three direct letters.
  • Gold Program: (9-letters per mailing) Direct creditor investigations start month one, three credit bureau letters and six direct letters.
  • Platinum Program: (12-letters per mailing) Direct creditor investigations start month one, three credit bureau letters and nine direct letters. 
  • Business Credit Building and Correction Services: Programs to establish or correct business credit profiles with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax. business owners establish business credit solutions and paths to acquiring low-cost business loans.
  • Business Funding Program: Businesses do not need to be enrolled in any program to take advantage of our business funding programs. Commissions and residuals are paid to you for new and renewed funded business funding agreements.

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