Demand Draft Credit Repair Payments

The safe and low-cost method to collect client payments in the credit repair industry is through Demand Draft Check Payments.

Credit Repair Outsourcing Demand Draft

Demand Draft Check Payments are convenient, reliable, logical, and secure.

Guaranteed Approval: The process is simple and secure. Similar to ACH payments, your client signs a payment authorization form and the system creates a Demand Draft check for you to deposit into your business account.

It’s Convenient: Many banks offer mobile banking apps or remote deposit scanners that can be kept directly in your office. Simply scan the checks and the funds are deposited into your account.

It’s Reliable: Merchant accounts get shut down often and without warning, usually at no fault of the merchant. Demand Draft does not carry this same risk. Demand Draft also saves you from the hassle of lost revenue from chargebacks that often occurs with credit cards, especially with a credit repair business.

It’s Logical: It is counterintuitive for your client to use their credit card for their program payments; it increases their utilization during a time when credit card usage should be at an absolute minimum.

Payment processing guidance is just one more way The Dispute Center helps you make your business as profitable and successful as possible. With our fully automated and affordable solutions, you can quickly increase your credit repair business sales, profits, and customer satisfaction – or be up and running in no time when starting your credit repair business.

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