Credit Reports, Credit Monitoring & ID Theft Protection

Give your clients peace of mind and maximize your profits with our credit reports and credit monitoring offers belwo.

We offer credit monitoring service you can bundle with your programs.  Clients love the convenience of bundled credit reports or credit monitoring.

Turnkey White Label Option - Coming Soon

An affordable, low-cost white label credit monitoring product that allows you to build a “client for life” portfolio. It is a turnkey solution, we host the platform under your company brand and domain, along with customer support service. You receive wholesale pricing and set your margins.

Full Custom White Label Option

Provides virtually unlimited customization options. Your company is fully in control of payment processing, customer service, marketing options, and beyond.

Agent Reseller Program - Coming Soon

An Agent program that provides you with options and control of how much you make.  Low cost to get started.  You set your own package pricing based on wholesale pricing.  We provide customer support, and potential merchant services. A great add-on marketing opportunity.

We will offer reseller opportunities for single bureau non-authentiation required reports, three bureau credit reports and scores, credit monitoring, and others. Single bureau credit reports are great for sales consultations for credit repair or debt companies.

Increase your payment success rate and “client for life” conversions by including credit reports or credit monitoring in the programs you offer. Clients love the convenience of all-in-one pricing and it makes conversion to a “client for life” even easier.

All programs provide great opportunities to build a brand, create cross-market residual income streams, and long-term client portfolios. Please inquire for more details at 616-541-2322.

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