Complimentary Credit Monitoring & ID Theft Protection

Provide your credit repair clients with an added level of security and peace of mind.

Here are practical reason to add credit repair monitoring to your TDC plans.


Increase Your Margins

Credit monitoring could increase your margins by $10 to $30 per month, depending on your pricing and business model. TDC absorbs about 50% of the credit monitoring cost, since it helps to reduce our labor, which, increases your margins.


Client Incentive

Monitoring gives your client an incentive to make their program payments to you. Their credit report and credit scores will not refresh if they don’t make their program payment.


Reduced Client Frustration

Monitoring reduces client frustration with the requirement to send documents. However, clients should forward any correction or deletion notices they receive.


Client for Life

The credit monitoring product can help turn the client into a “client for life,” with residual income, as they exit your program.

Simply contact your TDC specialist at 616-541-2322 to add credit monitoring and ID theft protection to your plan.

In addition to our complimentary client credit monitoring, we also offer a lucrative whitel label credit monitoring and identity theft service.

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