Helping Your Clients Get Funding For Their Business

We offer outsourcing services for personal credit repair, business credit building,
and business lending.

Business Funding Services

The Dispute Center’s business funding services helps your clients improve their personal and business credit to be in position to obtain business financing without the need for a personal guarantee. To get in position, the business owner and business need to have good credit, have a well-established business with good cash flow and profits, and have all taxes filed and current.

However, many business owners struggle with personal and business credit issues but still need business funding.

The Dispute Center’s Business Funding Services Make It Easy For Your Clients to Get Funding They Need

The Dispute Center works with lenders of all types to provide your clients help and access to business capital. Depending on your clients’s situation, we can work on their credit histories first to get the best business funding amount and rate, or if they need financing sooner, we can help them get financing and then work on their business and personal credit.

Our financing options include business term loans, business credit lines, business debt consolidation loans, merchant cash advances, SBA Loans, and a variety of other financing products.

Although the process of building or correcting business credit is relatively straight-forward, The Dispute Center strives to make it as easy as possible for both you and your clients.

Your business clients are not required to be enrolled in a credit repair program to take advantage of our business funding services. Commissions and residuals are paid to you for new and renewed business funding.

Call us today at 616-541-2322 to find out how you can start or expand your business ventures with The Dispute Center’s unparalleled customer support and credit repair business outsourcing programs.

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