The Dispute Centers Add-On Services & Referral Program.

Make substantial commissions for referring other credit repair companies to us while providing our add-on services to build a more profitable credit repair business.


Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring has become necessary over the last several years. We have partnered with a respected credit monitoring company to offer multiple credit monitoring programs you can offer to your clients.

Build your brand and create cross-market income streams and customer loyalty.


Payment Services

Challenges abound in the credit repair industry for accepting credit card payments for your business and collecting on-time payments from clients. The Dispute Center offers merchant account services, payment collections and an easy-to-use-demand draft system for a simple, seamless payment system.


IBO Referral Program

Current IBO’s can earn residual commissions by referring new IBO prospects to The Dispute Center. For each business you refer, you will receive a generous enrollment bonus and monthly residual income. This is a great way to boost your bottom line without taking away from your ongoing business activities.

Specialty Programs

In addition to our generous referral program and profitable credit monitoring and payment services, The Dispute Center offers several specialty programs that include student loan assistance, credit and finance services for businesses and account negotiation services. Be a complete solution to all of your clients.